Varsovia Cantat, Warszawa


Plats: Warszawa, Polen

Sista anmälningsdag 30 juni, 2024

We invite all a cappella choirs for next edition of our festival in Warsaw which will take place in Chopin Concert Hall as well as in churches in Warsaw.

Choirs may participate in one of the following categories:
A. Mixed choirs – adults 
B. Male and Female choirs – adults 
C. Youth choirs 13-19 years old
D. Children Choirs 6-15 years old
E. Chamber Choirs – 12-20 singers
X. Non-competitive choirs – participation in Gala and 2 additional concerts
Choirs compete for Bronze, Silver, and Golden Diplomas. The best choir will receive Golden LYRA  statuette and 1000 Euro Grand Prix. 
We  hope  that  the same as 330 choirs that  took  part in the past editions,  your  choir will feel great atmosphere of making music together and opportunity for concerts.
If you had any questions please contact us at: 

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