Krakow Advent & Christmas Choir Festival


Plats: Krakow, Polen

Sista anmälningsdag 30 juni, 2024

Festival in Krakow has a long tradition and this year it will be already 13th edition to take place 6-8th December 2024. Our event is great occasion for choirs to perform in beautiful Krakow. 

The choirs may take part in competition part or just come as non-competetive choir and sing in additional concerts. 
A. Mixed Choirs Adults 
B . Male & Female Choirs 
C. Youth Choirs 
D. Children Choirs 
E. Chamber Choirs 
F. Non-competitive choirs 
The best choirs will have a chance to win golden angels statutes.
Krakow offers many sights to see and invites you to visit the Christmas market. 
Sing with us at the begining of December and feel the Christmas atmosphere!

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